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Read the inspiring stories from incredible women authors in You Can You Will’.

I’m excited for you to read  You Can You Will — true stories of finding hope and healing through loss, grief, and mental health journeys.

My chapter is entitled Answering the Call. Discover how embracing fear gave me the courage to turn the seemingly impossible into the possible, over and over again. God’s ways are rarely our ways, and often, he has an uncanny sense of humor. Never in my wildest imagination did I anticipate how answering an unexpected phone call back in 1988 would turn into my calling. . . and my lifeline. I often wonder, what if I hadn’t answered the Call.

 I hope my story will inspire you to say a resounding “Yes!” to that thing that’s been tugging at your heart. It can transform your life and the lives of others on your path.

 What if now is the perfect time to create the life you really want . . . even if it feels impossible?

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